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Lesson 2 – Instructions

Download digital Resources

  • Project KIND Keys
  • Respect Poster and

Velcro pictures

  • Treasure Map and Respect Key for Treasure Map
  • Project KIND Book – “I Show Respect to Others”
  • Family communication

Additional Supplies Needed

  • Flipchart paper
  • Marker
  • Treasure chest
  • Treasures

Review of Project KIND

Review the Project KIND keys. Have the color coded keys to show the students. Instructions are explained below.

Explain to students that these Keys will help them Improve the Necessary skills that they will need to succeed in school as they grow and Develop.

  • Respect (red key)
  • Manners (orange key)
  • Smart Choices (yellow key)
  • Communication (blue key)
  • Cooperation (green key)
  • Keys to Success (purple key)

Explain to the students that Project KIND teaches important keys that will help them to succeed in the classroom and outside of the classroom.  

Introduce the foundational theme of Project KIND. “Project KIND gives us the knowledge to help us reach our “Keys to Success”.

Review the KEY concept: Respect

Explain to the students that “Respect is remembering that everyone is special and should be treated with care.” Share the set of keys and the Treasure Map. Demonstrate how when the students earn their key it will be placed on the map. After the completion of each key’s lessons a new key will be placed on the Treasure Map until the map is filled with their Keys to Success.

Lesson 2 – Activity 1
Respect Slogan/Poster

Divide the students into small groups. Each group will be given an opportunity to match the pictures to the Respect Poster. The teacher will distribute picture icons to students. As each word or phrase of the RESPECT Slogan is read, a student from a group who holds the corresponding picture will come up to the poster and attach their picture until all corresponding pictures are placed on the Respect Poster. This will be done several times so that every group has a turn to attach their pictures.

“Respect Song”

Introduce the music, lyrics and gesturesto the “Respect Song” and will lead the students in singing the song. Point to the words on the Respect Poster while playing the music and singing the song. Repeat if necessary to reinforce learning the song.

“Respect Song”
Sing to the tune “The Wheels on the Bus”

Remember everyone is a special person,
Special person, special person
Remember everyone is a special person
And enjoys careful treatment.

Lesson 2 – Activity 2
“I Show Respect to Others” Project KIND Book

Read the Project KIND book. “I Show Respect to Others.” to students. Explain to the students that when we read a book we read the pages from front to back and the words from left to right. Discuss the pictures in the book and how they illustrate the text in the book. Ask the students periodically to predict what will happen next. After reading the book, students will be asked to identify examples from the book that show how they can care about others in the classroom, on the playground, and at home.

Lead the students in a conversation about ways they can show respect in the classroom, at recess, at lunch, in the school bus and at home. The teacher will document students’ responses.

Lesson 2 – Activity 3
“Project KIND Song”

Introduce the music and the lyrics to the “Project KIND Song” and remind students to think of their Keys to Success each time they sing the song. The facilitator will lead the students in singing the song. Have the students sing the song and repeat two or three times to reinforce learning the song. Located on Project KIND website at

“Project KIND Song”

Project KIND will show the way,
To use our keys everyday!

We’ll have success when we learn how,
To make smart choices, RIGHT NOW!

Smart is the way we want to choose,
If we use our keys, we cannot lose!

So let’s all keep these keys in mind,
Now we can celebrate Project KIND!


  • Show the Project KIND Treasure Map and explain to the students that the goal is to get to the treasure at the end of the map. The teacher will explain that students earn a key to place on the map when the lesson for each of the keys is completed.
  • The Respect Key will be placed on the Treasure Map.
  • Show the students the Treasure Box and then tell the students that when they use their respectful language and behaviors during the week their teacher will have a celebration to distribute the treasures from the treasure box. Instruct students to use their respectful language during the celebration by asking, “May I have a treasure please.”  Remind them to say “thank you” when their teacher hands them a treasure. A treasure is a small token that can be as simple as a sticker, pencil or other small trinket.
  • Share the Respect Family Communication.

Classroom Reinforcement Activities

Teachers can be creative in developing reinforcement activities that support the lesson key. The creation of a Kindness Corner is optional, however, most of the reinforcement activities can easily be incorporated unto the Kindness Corner.

Materials Needed
“Project KIND Song lyrics”
Project KIND book “I Show Respect to Others”
Recording device

  • Record the students singing the “Project KIND Song.” Play the song weekly throughout the school year instructing the students to sing along.
  • Read a variety of books...