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Lesson 1 – Instructions

Lesson 1 – Activity 2
“Respect Song”

The teacher will introduce the music, lyrics and gestures to the “Respect Song” and will lead the students in singing the song. Point to the words on the Respect Poster while playing the music before engaging the students in singing the song. Have the students sing the song and repeat 2 or 3 times to reinforce learning the song.

“Respect Song”
Sung to the tune “The Wheels on the Bus”

Remember everyone is a special person,
Special person, special person
Remember everyone is a special person
And enjoys careful treatment.

Lesson 1 – Activity 3
How to show respect in the classroom

Ask the students what they think respect is and record their responses on a flip chart.  Rephrase comments to be positive and to use words taken from the student’s definition as much as possible.

Example:  The student may say “don’t yell” and the facilitator may put into other words such as “use a kind voice.”

Lesson 1 – Activity 4
Respectful and Not Respectful

Set up the two paper bags at the front of the classroom. One bag will have a smiley face on the front and the other will have a frowning face on the front. Each student will be given a picture card. The pictures on each card will depict an act of showing respect or an act that is not respectful. Ask the student to identify which act their picture illustrates, one at a time, and instruct them to put it in the appropriate bag.

Using examples from the pictures, discuss ways to show respect and point out behaviors that show lack of respect. Examples should relate to behaviors that you might encounter in the classroom:

  • Cutting in line
  • Sharing a book or toy
  • Taking a classmate’s crayons without asking
  • Interrupting the teacher

In Closing
Review the Respect Key and have students and teachers promise to use respectful actions and words in the classroom and at home.

Classroom Reinforcement Activities

Teachers can be creative in developing reinforcement activities that support the lesson key. The creation of a Kindness Corner is optional, however, most of the reinforcement activities can easily be incorporated unto the Kindness Corner.

Materials Needed

  • Copy of the RESPECT Slogan and corresponding pictures


  • Create a RESPECT poster and picture cards unique to their classroom. Review the poster with the students daily allowing them to attach the picture cards next to the corresponding words and phrases.
  • Create and distribute name tags in the shape of the Project KIND key. Tape the name tag to the corner of the students’ desk to use as a visual reminder to reinforce positive and respectful behavior in the classroom.
  • Keep a set of the Respectful and Non-Respectful picture cards for the classroom (or Kindness Corner if implemented). Allow the students to identify and sort the cards by behaviors.