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Spanish and Somali Language

Spanish and Somali Language Classes

EFNEP provides health promotion to all adult participants. Classes can be taught in the Spanish language across all counties. Curriculum will be taught in Spanish as well as the paperwork will be translated in Spanish. The program assistants who are teaching each series are fluent in Spanish and can assist the participants. EFNEP also teaches classes in the Somali language. Select counties offer Spanish and Somali language classes via Zoom. Contact information for EFNEP Spanish Classes is listed below. Franklin County is the only county that teaches in the Somali Language, please refer below to the county specific website for resources and contact information.  

Spanish version is available both online and in-person. In-person programming is available in select counties. 

Spanish Language

  • Montgomery County  

  •  Nancy Lyons – Program Specialist 

  • Office Number: 937-224-5110 

  • Franklin County

  • Bobbilyn Kasson - Program Specialist 

  • Office Number: 614-292-7754   

  • Hamilton County  

  •  Amy Habig - Program Specialist 

  • Office Number: 937-372-9971   

Somali Language 

  • Franklin County  

  • Bobbilyn Kasson - Program Specialist 

  • Office Number: 614-292-7754   

Click one of the following county names for local contact information: ClarkFranklinHamiltonMontgomery

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