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Male poring milk for pregnant female

Pregnancy Specific Curriculum

EFNEP provides pregnancy specific curriculum for pregnant women and new mothers. This evidence-based curriculum is derived from ESBA and the 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This curriculum promotes the health and well-being of pregnant women, new mothers, as well as infant up to toddler feeding.

This curriculum focuses on a variety of topics including prenatal care, solid food introduction, nutrient-specific meals during pregnancy, etc. Pregnant women will gain knowledge on foods that will help promote a healthy pregnancy and the healthy development of an infant up to 6 months. New mothers will gain insights on nutritional needs for their infant including breastfeeding and solid food introduction. This curriculum is not age specific as it pertains to whether the participant is pregnant or a new mother.

EFNEP pregnancy curriculum is taught in all 16 counties, so all EFNEP participants will have access to this. Knowledge gained from this curriculum will help guide pregnant women and new mothers to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that will benefit both them and their baby long-term.

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