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Money Management

Money Management

Paper money houseOhio State University Extension Family and Consumer Sciences' money management workshops use interactive discussions and hands-on activities to teach:

  • Financial goal-setting
  • Spending plan creation
  • Debt reduction
  • Credit report management
  • Financial record organization
  • And many more money management topics

These workshops are designed to help individuals and families increase their financial stability by learning how to use a spending plan to save and reduce consumer debt. Using reliable, research-based information, OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences educators help participants overcome the obstacles between their current situation and their financial goals. Participants gain the skills and tools they need to improve their financial health and self-reliance.

Positive money management practices and savings strategies can make the difference between a financial crisis and long-term financial security. Family and Consumer Sciences' money management workshops empower participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to create their own financial future.