Master Money Mentor

Master Money Mentor

Ohio State University Extension Family and Consumer Sciences' Master Money Mentor is a financial literacy program for adults who want to learn how to do the following:

  • Keep records
  • Plan a budget
  • Control spending
  • Pay bills on time
  • Save for financial goals
  • Reduce debt
  • Work with creditors
  • Improve their credit history

Master Money Mentor offers the opportunity to "learn by doing," with the assistance of a trained volunteer. This program is free of charge. Participants meet with a mentor and must be willing to provide the necessary information and to adopt new attitudes, ideas and spending habits.

Master Money Mentor has two primary goals:

  • To increase participants’ awareness of the importance of recordkeeping as a means of establishing a working budget and of assisting in on-time bill payment
  • To help participants understand that their credit history and credit score play an important role not only in their financial matters, but also in finding a job, influencing insurance rates and affecting many other factors in life