Real Money. Real World.

Real Money. Real World.

Real Money. Real World.

Ohio State University Extension's Real Money. Real World. is a financial literacy program ideally suited for youth ages 13-16. Four classroom lessons are provided followed by a real-life spending simulation where students use their new knowledge. "Learning by doing" is followed by a session during which students connect what they learned to real-life situations.

Real Money. Real World. consists of the following three parts:

Part I: Four preparatory classroom lessons
Part II: A hands-on budget management and decision-making spending simulation
Part III: A post-session evaluation of spending choices made during the simulation

Real Money. Real World. has three primary goals:

  • To increase students' awareness of how education level and corresponding career choice influence personal income and financial security
  • To increase students' knowledge of money management tools used in daily spending for cost-of-living decisions
  • To increase students' awareness of how income and lifestyle choices affect the amount of money available for discretionary spending

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