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Invitation to participate in OSU Research Study

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Offer of Free Financial Coaching

Hello! We are a team of financial coaches at OSU Extension, Apprisen Consumer Credit Counseling Services, and Ohio State researchers. We are interested in learning about the financial hardship experienced as result of a chronic illness or injury, and whether financial coaching can help improve financial hardship situations.

At this point, this project serves individuals who are suffering from chronic brain injury and opioid use disorders.

This free financial coaching program offers:

  • Personal confidant & accountability partner
  • Less stress
  • Achieve financial goals:
    • Increase savings
    • Build credit
    • Plan for the future
  • Access to free financial tools & resources

Participation in the financial coaching program includes:

  • Up to 4 financial coaching meetings free of charge by Zoom video call or over the phone. Coaching meetings last about 60 minutes and are spread over six months.
  • Short follow-up phone calls between coaching meetings with the financial coach.
  • Survey questions and credit reports are used to support the financial coaching. All data will be confidential and stored securely.

Interested? Please contact us by email at or at 614-292-4226.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older and diagnosed with a chronic brain injury or opioid use disorders.

If you have a guardian or have given a power of attorney (POA) to an individual to act on your behalf, we ask you to let us know in your response to this flyer. We would like to involve you and your legal representative in the financial coaching meetings.

The financial coaching program is part of a larger research program about the role of financial coaching for recovery from chronic illnesses.

Thank you!

Caezilia Loibl, Program Director [info]
The Ohio State University,
Phone: 614-292-4226

Financial coaches are housed at:
Apprisen Consumer Credit Counseling Services (
OSU Extension Wayne County (
OSU Extension Clermont County (
OSU Extension Lake County (
OSU Extension Mahoning County (
OSU Extension Cuyahoga County (

Apprisen Consumer Credit Counseling Services (
Chronic Brain Injury Association of Ohio (
OSU Inpatient Rehabilitation services for the Wexner Medical Center (

Funding sources:
OSU Chronic Brain Injury Discovery Theme (
OSU Connect & Collaborate Grants Program (
OSU Opioid Innovation Fund (

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