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E-PHAC Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are the E-PHAC Hubs located?

E-PHAC has hubs located throughout the state. Members will work in collaboration with the local Ohio State University Extension office in the county they serve.

What is a service position?

It isn't a job, it is service. However, there are benefits to help you live, grow as a human, and see the world through a service lens.  

Here is an overview of provided benefits for each type of member:

  • Living stipend
  • Educational award upon completion of service (Learn more about AmeriCorps Education Awards)
  • Mileage reimbursement for service-related travel at the federal reimbursement rate
  • Federal student loan forbearance
  • SNAP eligibility – if qualified
  • Diverse professional experiences
  • Personal growth through mentorship, opportunity, and training including:
    • Youth Mental Health First Aid certification 
    • Community Health Worker certification

What types of activities will E-PHAC members complete?

E-PHAC members will work collaboratively with OSU Extension personnel, local health departments, community coalitions, schools, and other partners to address public health issues in the community. Activities will include:

  1. Review and interpret community health data.
  2. Identify and connect with community partners that support E-PHAC mission.
  3. Develop materials, resources, and public health programming.
  4. Extend OSU Extension health-related programs in the community.
  5. Recruit volunteers to plan, implement, and report on public health-oriented service projects and events.
  6. Attend or organize events that promote health.
  7. Complete reporting, timesheets, and other administrative duties.