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Family and Consumer Sciences

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Family and Consumer Sciences empowers Ohioans with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make healthy choices, thus creating healthy communities, healthy finances and healthy relationships.

Family and Consumer Sciences teaches individuals and families the skills they need to live healthfully in all areas of life.

  • We offer people the knowledge, skills and tools needed to make healthy, informed choices, which means healthier lives, better finances and more positive relationships at home, at work and in the community.

Family and Consumer Sciences focuses on health, family and finances.

  • We promote safe food practices, better nutrition, better finances and better relationships, thus helping people acquire the knowledge and skills to make smart decisions in these areas.

Family and Consumer Sciences works to make children, adults and communities healthier.

  • A variety of nutrition programs saves money, promotes healthier food choices and educates about health-risk preventative.
  • Money management and homeownership classes increase economic stability.
  • Parenting and stress management programs improve quality of life.
  • Workplace wellness programs lower absenteeism rates and create more productive businesses and stronger communities.

Family and Consumer Sciences is an economic catalyst.

  • With only a limited public investment, we build partnerships with other groups and organizations whose missions complement ours. We provide leadership, promote action and find ways to overcome the obstacles between vision and reality.

You can count on Family and Consumer Sciences.

  • We provide reliable, evidence-based information to encourage – and empower – people to adopt practices and behaviors to improve their finances, build more positive relationships with friends and family and embrace healthier lifestyles.

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