FCS State Staff

Name Position title Phone Email
Ingrid Richards Adams Associate Professor 614-292-8781 richards.3@osu.edu
Stacey Baker Healthy Relationships Program Specialist 614-292-6504 baker.782@osu.edu
Jim Bates Associate Professor and Field Specialist, Family Wellness 614-688-1468 bates.402@osu.edu
Blaire Beavers SNAP-Ed Program Assistant, Social Media 614-292-4481 beavers.82@osu.edu
Pat Bebo EHE Assistant Dean for Outreach and Engagement; Extension Assistant Director for Family and Consumer Sciences 614-292-1655 bebo.1@osu.edu
Michael Betz Associate Professor and Extension State Specialist, Family Policy 614-292-0036 betz.40@osu.edu
Brian Butler Program Evaluation Director 614-247-6524 butler.143@osu.edu
Carol Chandler Program Specialist, SNAP-Ed South East Region 740-475-9304 chandler.4@osu.edu
Bailey S. Cleary-Foeller Program Specialist, SNAP-Ed Central Region 614-688-1696 cleary-foeller.2@osu.edu
Patrick Conley SNAP-Ed Fiscal Associate 614-688-1138 conley.552@osu.edu
Holly Eckert Program Specialist, SNAP-Ed Northeast Region 330-263-3632 eckert.131@osu.edu
Brady Ellis SNAP-Ed Regional Office Associate 614-688-1696 ellis.703@osu.edu
Jon Gladden Systems Developer/Engineer 614-292-6756 gladden.9@osu.edu
Carolyn Gunther Associate Professor and Extension State Specialist, Community Nutrition Education 614-292-5125 gunther.22@osu.edu
Jenna Haaser SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator 614-688-2527 haaser.8@osu.edu
Dona Hales SNAP-Ed Northwest Region Office Associate 419-819-3082 hales.40@osu.edu
Irene Hatsu Associate Professor and Extension State Specialist, Food Security 614-292-0960 hatsu.1@osu.edu
Sanja Ilic Associate Professor and Extension State Specialist, Food Safety 614-292-4076 ilic.2@osu.edu
Lauren Jones Assistant Professor and Extension State Specialist, Consumer Policy 614-688-1374 jones.2846@osu.edu
Maria Carmen Lambea EFNEP Program Director 614-292-6402 lambea.1@osu.edu