Tips for Teens

April 18, 2020

We, at Ohio State University Extension (OSUE), know COVID-19 has had an impact on all of us, especially our teens. To help, educators at OSUE Family and Consumer Sciences have created a “how to” video series, Tips for Teens. Each video offers information about life skills from basic car maintenance, doing laundry, cleaning a bathroom, folding a fitted bed sheet to making healthy snacks  and shakes. The new weekly series, Tips for Teens, is designed to help teens develop some awareness, knowledge, skills, and aspirations about life readiness.

Tips for Teens is a great way to learn how to do a task, and each video takes less than five minutes. The videos get teens focused on what matters: Gaining confidence!

Publish Date Topic Link Created by
4/14/2020 Laundry Basics Lorrissa Dunfee
4/21/2020 Don't Let 'Em Drive You Crazy Joseph Maiorano
4/28/2020 Good Impressions & Interview Skills 4-H Trumbull Teen Leaders
5/05/2020 Checking Car Oil

Lorrissa Dunfee
5/12/2020 Basic First Aid 4-H Trumbull Teen Leaders
5/19/2020 How to Change a Tire Bridget Britton
5/26/2020 Get out there and Fail! Joseph Maiorano
6/2/2020 How to Make a Smoothie Heather Reister
6/9/2020 Basic Banking 4-H Seneca Co. Teen Leaders
6/16/2020 How to Write a Check Katie Schlagheck
6/23/2020 Basic Budgeting 4-H Seneca Co. Teen Leaders
6/30/2020 Making Gacamole Pat Brinkman
7/6/2020 Cultivating Cultural Intelligence   Joseph Maiorano

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