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Tips for how to store your fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers market

June 2, 2022

[The Columbus Dispatch] Unless you're going to gobble up everything you got at the farmers market as soon as you arrive home, you're going to have to store that produce somehow.

Though some hardy vegetables such as onions and potatoes do best in a cool, dry, dark pantry, more often you're going to be using the refrigerator.

But don't plan on just throwing bags of produce into the fridge and forgetting about them.

“Each item will have its own separate preparation for the refrigerator,” said Candace Heer, who works at the Ohio State University Extension in Morrow County and is part of an Ohio State team of experts on food preservation who have been writing and revising factsheets on preserving Ohio produce.

Key to storing all produce in the refrigerator is first to know how long a particular item will last there, and second, not to wash the produce before putting it in the fridge, because storing it wet promotes the growth of bacteria.

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