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OSU Extension Annual Conference Award Recognitions

Jan. 3, 2022

Congratulations to the 2021 award recipients who were recognized during the annual Ohio State University Extension Conference: Reflect, Reconnect, Reform, December 7-9.

Extension Annual Conference Award Recipients 


Feature Photo

  • First: Frances Foos (Madison Co.)
  • Second: Laura Stanton (Warren Co.)

Follow-Up News Story/Press Release

  • First: Frances Foos (Madison Co.)
  • Second: Gwynn Stewart (Noble Co.), Christine Gelley (Noble Co.)

Personal Column

  • First: Emily Marrison (Coshocton Co.)
  • Second: David Marrison (Coshocton Co.)
  • Third: Lee Beers (Trumbull Co.)

Periodical Publication

  • First: Tim McDermott (Frankln Co.), Marcus McCartney (Washington Co.)
  • Second: David Marrison (Coshocton Co.)
  • Third: Sarah Longo (FAES 4-H)

Audio Interview

  • First: Emily Marrison (Coshocton Co.)
  • Second: David Marrison (Coshocton Co.)

Video Interview

  • First: Kathy Tutt (Clark Co.), Karen Rose (College of Nursing), Tara O'Brien (College of Nursing), Dennis DeCamp (Scioto Co.), Lorrissa Dunfee (Belmont Co.), Michelle Treber (Pickaway Co.), Bridget Britton (Tuscarawas Co.), Jenny Lobb (Franklin Co.), Loretta Sweeney (Franklin Co.), Laura Akgerman (FABE), Jim Bates (FCS), Pat Brinkman (retired, Fayette Co.), Roseanne Scammahorn (Darke Co.), Patrick Dengel, Sarah Swanson and Duane Rigsby (South Centers Piketon Co.)

Instructional Audio

  • First: Emily Marrison (Coshocton Co.)

Instructional Video 

  • First: Jacci Smith (Delaware Co.), Tim Barnes (Marion Co.), Rob Leeds (Delaware Co.), Rachel Leggett (Delaware Co.)
  • Second: Rachel Stoneburner (Franklin Co.)
  • Third: Jill Bartolotta, Sarah Orlando, Sue Bixler, Josiah Wade, Paul Dravillas, Heather Sheets, Abby David and Gillian Champoir (Center for Lake Erie Area Research)
  • Honorable Mention: Stephanie Karhoff (Williams Co.), Rachel Cochran (Paulding Co.)
  • Honorable Mention: Andrew Holden (Ashtabula Co.)

Exhibit/ Display

  • First: Tammy Jones (Pike Co.)

Newsletter – Team

  • First: Danielle Combs and Kathy Bruynis (Highland Co.)

Newsletter – Individual

  • First: Ashlee Meardith (Trumbull Co.)
  • Second: David Marrison (Coshocton Co.)
  • Third: Lydia Ulry (Fayette Co.)

Promotional Flyer

  • First: Jason Hedrick (Putnam Co.), Mark Light (Hardin Co.), Bryan Albright (Lima)
  • Second: Stephanie Karhoff (Williams Co.)
  • Third: Frances Foos (Madison Co.)
  • Honorable Mention: Kiersten Heckel (Tuscarawas Co.)

Promotional Package – Individual

  • Sarah Longo (FAES 4-H)

Promotional Package – Team

  • First: Tammy Jones (Pike Co.), Lisa Barlage (Ross Co.), Bridget Britton (Tuscarawas Co.), Jennifer Driesbach (Pickaway Co.), Misty Harmon (Perry Co.), Stacy Hicks (Fairfield Co.), Michelle Treber (Pickaway Co.), Courtney Woelfl (FCS), Julie Evans (Pike Co.)
  • Second: Dee Jepsen (FABE), Chris Zoller (Tuscarawas Co.), Ken Martin (FAES Admin), Bridget Britton (Tuscarawas Co.), Sarah Noggle (Paulding Co.), Jami Dellifield (Hardin Co.)

Educational Tool

  • First: Sue Bixler, Jill Bartolotta, Christine Dierkes, Jill Jentes and Beth Wallace (Center for Lake Erie Area Research)
  • Second: Jamie McConnell (Muskingum Co.), Audrey Dimmerling (Columbiana Co.)
  • Third: Sarah Longo (FAES 4-H)
  • Honorable Mention: Rachel Stoneburner (Franklin Co.), Beth Boomershine (Franklin Co.)
  • Honorable Mention: Christy Clary (Brown Co.)
  • Honorable Mention: Jill Bartolotta and Sue Bixler (Center for Lake Erie Area Research)
  • Honorable Mention: Brian Raison (FAES – CD)

Curriculum Package

  • First: Sarah Longo, Hannah Epley, Kirk Bloir and Kaylee Port (FAES – 4-H), Jenna Hoyt (Ashtabula Co.), Crystal Ott (FAES – Advancement)
  • Second: Rebecca Supinger and Brenda Sandman-Stover (Greene Co.)
  • Third: Christy Millhouse (Preble Co.), Travis West (Vinton Co.), Tracy Winters (Gallia Co.), Jessica George (Erie Co.), Meghan Thoreau (Pickaway Co.), Demetria Woods (Miami Co.), Kelly Royalty (Clermont Co.)

Fact Sheet 

  • First: Kate Shumaker (Holmes Co.), Lisa Barlage (Ross Co.), Candace Heer (Morrow Co.), Melinda Hill (Wayne Co.), Chris Kendle (Tuscarawas Co.), Amy Meehan (FCS), Joyce Riley (EHE), Abigail Snyder, Treva Williams (Scioto Co.)
  • Second: Jill Bartolotta (Center for Lake Erie Area Research), Beth Bollas (Lake Co.), Audrey Dimmerling (Columbiana Co.), Kate Homonai (Vinton Co.), Amy Meehan (FCS), Daniel Remley (FCS South Centers), Brian Roe (FAES – AEDE), Laura Stanton (Warren Co.), Richard Wofford (FCS)
  • Third: Rachel Stoneburner (Franklin Co.), Beth Boomershine (Franklin Co.)
  • Honorable Mention: Lee Beers (Trumbull Co.), Garth Ruff (Extension Office), Trevor Corboy (Greene Co.)
  • Honorable Mention: Beth Boomershine (Franklin Co.), Rachel Stoneburner (Franklin Co.)

Bulletins/ Monographs

  • First: Amanda Osborne and Erin Molner (Cuyahoga Co.)
  • Second: Audrey Dimmerling (Columbiana Co.), Jenna Hoyt (Ashtabula Co.) Stacey Perry (Williams Co.)


  • First: Rachel Stoneburner (Franklin Co.), Beth Boomershine (Franklin Co.), Franklin Co. 4-H Council 
  • Second: Lydia Ulry and Kim Hoppes (Fayette Co.)
  • Third: Adrienne Anderson, Shari Gallup, Kelly Hamlin, Dean Kreager, Lisa McCutcheon and Lori Swihart (Licking Co.), Michelle Duffy (SNAP-Ed Central)


  • First: Rhonda Williams (Darke Co.), Bruce Zimmer (Washington Co.), Christy Millhouse (Preble Co.), Rebecca Supinger (Greene Co.), Erin Simpson-Sloan (Butler Co.), Jana Mussard (Knox Co.), Tracy Montague (Clinton Co.), Scott Scheer (FAES - ACEL)
  • Second: Heather Gottke and Theresa Ferrari (FAES 4-H), Healthy Living Design Team 
  • Third: Mark Light (Hardin Co.), STEM Design Team
  • Honorable Mention: Adrienne Anderson (Licking Co.)
  • Honorable Mention: Bruce Zimmer (Washington Co.)
  • Honorable Mention: Jenny Lobb (Franklin Co.), Shannon Carter (Fairfield Co.), Amanda Bohlen (Washington Co.), Beth Stefura (Mahoning Co.), Lorissa Dunfee (Franklin Co.), Heather Neikirk (Stark Co.)
  • Honorable Mention: Stephanie Karhoff (Williams Co.)

Social Networking Medium

  • First: Lisa Barlage (Ross Co.), Lorrissa Dunfee (Belmont Co.), Shari Gallup (Licking Co.)Whitney Gherman (Marion Co.)Laura Halladay (Greene Co.), Candace Heer (Morrow Co.), Melinda Hill (Wayne Co.), Christine Kendle (Tuscarawas Co.), Emily Marrison, Amy Meehan (FCS), Patrice Powers-Barker (Lucas Co.), Melissa Rupp (Fulton Co.), Brenda Sandman-Stover (Greene Co.), Roseanne Scammahorn (Darke Co.), Katie Schlagheck, Kate Shumaker (Holmes Co.), Laura Stanton (Warren Co.), Beth Stefura (Mahoning Co.), Michelle Treber (Pickaway Co.), Kathy Tutt (Clark Co.), Treva Williams (Scioto Co.), Courtney Woelfl (FCS), Susan Zies (Wood Co.)
  • Second: Beth Boomershine (Franklin Co.)
  • Third: Kelly Coble, Clint Schroeder, Alyssa Young, Mallory Austin and Joanne Rex (Allen Co.)


Extension & Non-Extension Collaborators

  • First: Wonder Women Wednesday’s and Coffee and Conversations – Kyle White (Lorain Co.), Beth Flynn (FAES - ACEL), Emma Newell (4-H)
  • Second: On Farm Hog Harvest and Fabrication – Kate Wells (Ross Co.), Lyda Garcia (FAES - AS), Chris Bruynis (Ross Co.), John Kruger Jr., John Kruger Sr.
  • Third: Embracing Generations Across Extension – Shannon Carter (Fairfield Co.), Marilyn Sachs (retired)
  • Honorable Mention: Putnam County Farm Safety Day Camp – Jason Hedrick, Beth Schecklehoff, Anna Gerten, Ruth Gerding, Brian Siefker and Nancy Erhart

Multi-Disciplinary – All Extension Members 

  • FirstOhio 4-H Volunteer Mental Health Training Series – Amanda Raines (Hardin Co.), Jami Dellifield (Hardin Co.)
  • SecondNational Youth Sports Program – Where Does Your Food Come From? – Robin Stone, Maggie Rivera, Amanda Osborne and Robert Isner (Cuyahoga Co.) Courtney Woelfl (FCS)

One Program – All Extension Members 

  • FirstNortheast Ohio 4-H Club Officer Training – Ashlee Meardith (Trumbull Co.), Alisha Faudie (Geauga Co.), Ashley Hughey (Portage Co.), Morgan Domokos (CSU - 4-H)
  • SecondConnection Café – Lorrissa Dunfee (Belmont Co.), Michelle Treber (Pickaway Co.), Jim Bates (FCS), Joseph Maiorano (Harrison Co.), Ken Stewart (Monroe Co.), Laura Halladay (Greene Co.), Roseanne Scammahorn (Darke Co.), Melissa Rupp (Fulton Co.), Loretta Sweeney (Franklin Co.), Jenny Lobb (Franklin Co.), Casey Bishop (Paulding Co.), Branda Sandman-Stover (Greene Co.), Kathy Tutt (Clark Co.), Pat Brinkman (retired, Fayette Co.)
  • ThirdBeating the Winter Blues – Jenny Lobb (Franklin Co.), Shannon Carter (Fairfield Co.), Misty Harmon (Perry Co.), Lorrissa Dunfee (Belmont Co.), Jami Dellifield (Hardin Co.)
  • Honorable Mention: Healthy Mind Healthy Body Virtual SPIN Club – Frances Foos (Madison Co.), Amanda Raines (Hardin Co.), Cassie Turner (Monroe Co.), Lori Now (Auglaize Co.)
  • Honorable MentionWhat Can We Say Except, You’re Welcome – Beth Boomershine and Rachel Stoneburner (Franklin Co.)
  • Honorable MentionFood Preservation Basics Webinar Series – Lisa Barlage (Ross Co.), Kate Shumaker (Holmes Co.), Christine Kendle (Tuscarawas Co.), Melissa Rupp (Fulton Co.), Amy Meehan (FCS), Melinda Hill (Wayne Co.), Candance Heer (Morrow Co.), Laura Halladay (Greene Co.), Shari Gallup (Licking Co.), Emily Marrison (Coshocton Co.), Treva Williams (Scioto Co.)

ESP Special Chapter Recognition Awards

  • Distinguished Team Award
  • Northeast Ohio 4-H Club Officer Training: Ashlee Meardith (Trumbull Co.), Alisha Faudie (Geauga Co.), Ashley Hughey (Portage Co.), Morgan Domokos (CSU – 4-H)


  • Diversity/Multi-Cultural – Individual
  • Laura Stanton (Warren Co.)


  • Diversity/Multi-Cultural – Team
  • Perry County Extension Staff: Jessica Rockey, Ted Wiseman, Misty Harmon and Shawn Walker


  • International Service
  • Jacqueline Kowalski (Summit Co.)


  • Meritorious Support Service
  • Marianne Guthrie (Ross Co.)


  • Retiree Service
  • Jo Brown 


  • Visionary Leadership
  • Teresa McCoy (Extension LOD)


  • Continued Excellence
  • Lisa Barlage (Ross Co.)


  • Administrative Leadership
  • Eric Barrett (Mahoning Co.)


  • Early Career Service
  • Tim McDermott (Franklin Co.)


  • Mid-Career Service
  • Steve Brady (Warren Co.)


  • Distinguished Service
  • Chris Penrose (Morgan Co.)

2021 ESP Regional Award

  • Recognized at the 2021 National ESP meeting 

Early Career Service – Amanda Raines (Hardin Co.)

Distinguished Service – Travis West (Vinton Co.)

Diversity/ Multicultural (Individual) – Kayla Oberstadt (FAES – 4-H)

Continued Excellence – Greg Davis (FAES Admin)

Visionary Leadership – Eric Barrett (Mahoning Co.)

ESP Friend of Extension Awards 

  • Paul and Suzanne zumFelde (National Nominee) 
  • Durbin Farms LLC 
  • Dr. Monte Anderson 

CES Dorothy Rex Inspiration Award

  • Terri Fisher (FAES Admin)

Extension Support Staff Excellence Recognition 

  • Marianne Guthrie (Ross Co.)

Marilyn Spiegel Excellence in Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Award 

  • Susan Zies (Wood Co.)

Raymond A. Schindler Excellence in Community Development Award 

  • Amanda Osborne (Cuyahoga Co.)

Steve D. Ruhl Co. Agriculture Agent Award 

  • Chris Zoller (Tuscarawas Co.)

Charles W. Lifer Excellence in 4-H Award 

  • Laura Rohlf 

ESP Excellence in Extension Award 

  • Kate Shumaker (Holmes Co.)