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Food and Picnic Safety

July 1, 2022

Food safety at picnics and other outdoor events is super important this time of year! We may like to bask in the summer heat and sunshine, but these are major factors to consider when you serve food outside. Some key factors – Use ice and more ice for cold foods! Pack your cooler(s) correctly! Keep hot foods hot too! Know the temperature danger zone! Use your thermometer when grilling! Handle leftovers correctly!

Ohio State University Extension's Jenny Lobb, Franklin County educator, talks with Sanja Ilic, Extension state food safety specialist, about what you need to know when hosting a summer picnic and/or bringing food to an outdoor party.

We have many free fact sheets available on Ohioline. Check out these resources for insight about cooking and handling picnic food properly, preventing food spoilage, and serving your guests safe and tasty food.

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