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Application Deadline for 2022 Generation Rx Ambassadors is May 13

The Ohio State University School of Pharmacy’s Generation Rx Team, is recruiting Ambassadors to implement educational programming for Older Adults (age 55+) throughout Ohio from June to September 2022. The application deadline is May 13, with programming beginning in June, 2022.

What is Generation Rx? 

Generation Rx is an evidence-informed educational program that aims to educate people of all ages about safe medication-taking practices and the potential dangers of misusing prescription medications.  

  • The project was founded in 2007 by The Ohio State University faculty and began partnering with the Cardinal Health Foundation in 2009. 
  • Over 100K adults and peer educators, including many Extension educators, have used Generation Rx to educate their communities about safe medication taking practices. 
  • Together, the Generation Rx network members have educated nearly 3 million people nationwide. 

Using audience-specific toolkits (available online at no cost to you), Generation Rx shares the following key messages: 

  1. Only use prescription medication as directed by a health professional. 
  2. Never share your prescription medications with others or use someone else’s prescription medications.  
  3. Always store your medications securely to prevent others from taking them, and properly dispose of medications that you no longer need. 
  4. Be a good example to those around you by modeling these safe medication-taking practices and discussing the dangers of misusing prescription drugs with your family, friends, colleagues, students or patients. 

As part of this grant-funded project, Generation Rx Ambassador will be expected to: 

  1. Complete the online Generation Rx Ambassador Training (self-paced)  
  2. Facilitate programs using the Older Adult Toolkit resources 
  3. Reach 50-75 individuals between 6/1/22 and 9/30/22
  4. Attend a 2-hour virtual kick-off meeting as well as semi-monthly technical support meetings to update the Generation Rx Team Coordinator 
  5. Collect pre/post surveys from training attendees and submit a final report on 9/23/2022 

Ambassadors will receive up to $5,000 to assist with program implementation. The Older Adult toolkit can be adapted for delivery in a 35-, 40-, or 60-minute format; Generation Rx recognizes that COVID safety restrictions may prevent traditional live delivery and will provide guidance and support for adapting program delivery.

Are you interested in applying? 

Please complete the application at Questions can be directed to Cynthia Sloan at