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Cooking Matters

OSU Extension SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters


The information provided on this site is meant to provide guidance and support before, during and after you lead an OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters course.

Promotional Materials: 

These materials provide a snap shot of Ohio SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters. The documents can be presented to potential host agencies, partners and class helpers. Please print in color on one page (front/back).
  • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Promotional Brochure [PPT ]
  • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Outcomes / Impacts [PPT ]

The Program Overview Charts may be shared with potential partners/host sites for reviewing weekly lesson objectives and goals at a glance.  

If a majority of the participants signed up for the course are parents with kids who are under 18 of age, Share Our Strength (SOS) recommends using the Cooking Matters for Parents Curriculum

  • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Parents Program Overview Chart
    [PDF ]
If the participants signed up for the course are mixed, or are mostly non-parents, or adults with children over the age of 18, SOS recommends using Cooking Matters for Adults Curriculum
  • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Adults Program Overview Chart
    [PDF ]
This document is intended to provide talking points when speaking to volunteers, potential partners and host sites showing interest in OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters.
  • Sample Talking Points [DOC ]
Detailed Cooking Matters Promotional Flyer
  • Promotion Flyer Update [PPT ]
Cooking Matters flyer for classes
  • Promotion Flyer [PPT ]
Cooking Matters classes
Recruitment Flyers in English and Spanish

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Recruitment Flyers & Postcards:

Templates for recruiting participants.  Please adjust to identify your contact information, site contact information, class dates, location and class times.

                                                                                                                                          Back to top

Gold Standards

The Gold Standards serve as a guidance for excellence in delivering Cooking Matters curricula. 

  • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Gold Standards [PDF ]

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Getting Started

Start by reading the OSU Extension SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Handbook.
  • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Handbook [DOC ]
The checklist is used to assess the site amenities needed for hosting an OSU Extension SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters series.  "Would this be a good partner site?"
  • Host Site Checklist [PPT ]
FY 22 Letter of Intent
  • Letter of Intent [DOC ]
Use the Series Registration Form to advise Jenna Haaser in Columbus, Ohio offices of a pending series in your county.  This document triggers the ordering of course materials.  A confirmation email detailing SOS course materials order will be sent to your email within 24 hours of Columbus, Ohio receiving the Series Registration Form. Please note, course materials can take 3 - 5 weeks to receive once order is placed.
This document will walk Course Instructors through the process of class coordination from the time you schedule the course through the submission of data to Jenna Haaser (Columbus office), at which point the course will be closed and documents sent to Share Our Strength.
  • Course Instructor Coordination Checklist
    [DOC ]
The Participant Survey Guide provides instruction for successful administration of Cooking Matters paperwork to participants
  • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Participant Survey Guide [PDF ]

The Team Waiver & Release Form must be completed by all class participants, volunteers and helpers.

  • Unified Waiver & Release Form . English [PDF ]

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OSU Extension SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Class Roles

The 6 course series is scheduled and taught by OSUE Program Assistants and/or FCS Educators

  • Nutrition Instructor (may also be class shopper)
  • Culinary Instructor (may also be class shopper) [PPT ]
  • Class Assistant (may also be class shopper) [PPT ]
  • Class Shopper [PPT ]

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Nutrition/Culinary Instructor & Volunteer Training Materials

All Nutrition and Culinary instructors will be required to attend in-person or virtual Cooking Matters programming prior to implementing a Cooking Matters series. Contact Jenna Haaser ( for more information on training for Cooking Matters series.

Culinary Instructor roles can be filled by Program Assistants/Coordinators, FCS Educators, Culinary Volunteers, and/or state SNAP-Ed Program Coordintor, Cooking Matters - to name a few options.

*Class Assistants (CAs) should be provided with SOS/Cooking Matters Volunteer Link and Volunteer Training Videos.  *CAs may find the Course Instructor Registration Link to be useful, but providing this link is the Program Assistant's decision.  (CAs to register as instructor in drop down menu, but will not receive instructor guide.)

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Physical Activity Addendum and Curriculum Comparison

Each county will provide the state offices with the number of instructor and participant guides needed for each series.  The Nutrition Instructor and Culinary Instructor are to receive the curriculum guides. The Instuctor & Participant Guides are copyrighted and also provided by SOS.  SOS are careful about who receives the printed curriculum.  Intellectual propery rights are addressed in the volunteer waiver.

  • Adult_Parent Curriculum Comparison [DOC ]
  • CM Physical Activity Addendum / Instructor Manual [PDF ]

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Forms:  Instructions

Enrollment forms and surveys are no longer mailed out with the boxes of books from share our strength. Please print the enrollment forms and surveys from this page. Please ensure all waivers are completed by the start of class.

Guardian Waiver form [PDF]

*Original Forms to be completed in blue or black ink only, no hole punch in paper, request by SOS. 

*OSUE SNAP-Ed Program Log and Demographic Page to be printed from this site*. 

Forms Lesson 1:        

  • Program Log [PDF ]
  • Enrollment Forms (Use ORIGINAL forms sent by SOS with material bundles)
    • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters for Parents Enrollment form English [PDF ]
    • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters for Adults Enrollment form English [PDF ]
  • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Before Course Survey
    • Survey.Cooking Matters Adults. English [PDF ]
    • Survey.Cooking Matters Parents English [PDF ]
    • Survey.Cooking Matters Teens English [OneDrive]
  • FY19 OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Attendance Sheet [XLS ]
  • Participant Waiver Form - Print from this site
    • English / Spanish [PDF ]

Forms:  Lesson 2 – 5

  • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters Demographics Form (Please make copy of front page Adults or Parent survey)
  • Gift Card Participant Sign In Sheet / Log (Mandatory to use) [XLS  ]

Forms:  Lesson 6

  • OSUE SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters “after course” survey (ORIGINAL FORM)

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  • TBD

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Suggested Recipes

The recipes listed within weekly lessons are suggested recipes.  OSU Extension SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters has selected one recipe per week and provided a step-by-step breakdown within the WEEKLY STEP BY STEP DOCUMENTS header below.  It is recommended when you are first delivering Cooking Matters curriculum, you follow the selected recipe for the weekly class lesson.  The selected recipe is paired with a comprehensive set of documents within the WEEKLY STEP BY STEP DOCUMENTS which will guide you and your team as you become familiar with the curriculum.  There are times when certain ingredients may not be available or the class participants are interested in a specific recipe.  In these cases you can change the recipe; however, you may want to consider if you can substitue an ingredient rather than the entire recipe.  If you do decide to change, or swap a recipe, consider participant tastes, cost of groceries, classroom logistics and does the change fit into the lesson plan while offering the participant the same goal/objective for the weekly lesson. Click here for:  All Cooking Matters recipes

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • $10 Challenge
Week 6

Cooking Matters Recipes

This link contains digital copies of the Cooking Matters Recipes from the Adults, Parents, Family, Teens and Kid curricula as well as Spanish language recipes. The recipes are all available for use in programming and as handouts in class.  CM Families and Kids curriculum has not been approved for implementing. Refer to RPS with CC to CM state team for inquiry into CM Families. Although CM Families and Kids curriculum are not an option at this time, the recipe formats targeted toward these audiences are available for SNAP-Ed use/sharing in all programming.

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  • County, BIN Only Equipment List [XLS ]
  • Weekly Lesson, Additional Material Needed [XLS ]


Weekly Step-by-Step Documents

* Recipes are calculated for 15 participants.  Refer to Grocery Shopping Lists / Templates section for instructions on adjusting the grocery lists.

*NOTE:  The Community Nutrition Team's Disposable Gloves Fact Sheet is to be used with any lesson that includes a food demonstration.

Week 1:  

Let's Get Cooking

  • Course Introduction [XLS ]
  • Adult Nutrition Lesson 1 [DOC ]
  • Step-by-Step Breakdown/Timing for Pasta with Roasted Vegetables [DOC ]
  • Shopping List for Pasta with Roasted Vegetables [DOC ]

Week 2:  

Choosing Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains

  • Adult Nutrition Lesson 2 [DOC ]
  • Step-by-Step Breakdown/Timing of The Works Pizza with Quick Rise Pizza Crust [DOC ]
  • Shopping List [XLS ]

Week 3:  

Healthy Starts at Home

  • Adult Nutrition Lesson 3 [DOC ]
  • Step-by-Step Breakdown for Healthy Snacks: Pineapple Carrot Muffins, Turkey Wraps, Parfaits with Homemade Granola, & Hummus w/Veggies [DOC ]
  • Shopping List [XLS ]

Week 4:  

The Power of Planning

  • Adult Nutrition Lesson 4 [DOC ]
  • Step-by-Step Breakdown for Chinese Veggies with Chicken & Rice [DOC ]
  • Shopping List [XLS ]

Week 5:  

Shopping Smart

  •  Grocery Store Talking Points [DOC ]
  • Pop-Up Grocery Store Tool Kit [PDF ]
  • Pop-up Grocery Store Additional Materials & Templates
    • PRINT - $10 Challange Cards [PDF ]
    • PRINT - Additional Handouts [PDF ]
    • PRINT(double-sided) - $10 Challenge Examples [PDF ]
    • PRINT(double-sided) - Complete Set of Labels [PDF ]


Week 6:


  • Graduation Certificate [PDF ]



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Grocery Shopping Lists/Templates

  • Grocery Shopping List Instructions [PPT ]

Baked Flaked Chicken [XLS ]

Fruit Yogurt Dip [XLS ] South Western Black-eyed Pea and Corn Salad [XLS ]
Black Bean and Vegetable Quesadillas [XLS ] Hearty Egg Burritos [XLS ] Stove Top Mac and Cheese [XLS ]

Black Bean Brownies [XLS ]

Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips
[XLS ]
Sweet Potato Fries [XLS ]
Cheesy Hamburger Skillet
[XLS ]
Homemade Granola [XLS ] The Works Pizza [XLS ]
Chicken Burger [XLS ] Homemade Tomato Sauce
[XLS ]
Turkey Chili with Vegetables [XLS ]
Chinese Veggies and Rice
[XLS ]
Hummus [XLS ] Turkey Tacos [XLS ]
Chocolate Strawberry French Toast [XLS ] Mini Pizzas [XLS ] Vegetable Lasagna [XLS ]
Confetti Pepper Cornbread
[XLS ]
Orange Oatmeal Pancakes [XLS ] Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
[XLS ]
Frittata [XLS ] Pasta with Roasted Vegetables [XLS ] Yogurt Parfait [XLS ]
Fruit Smoothies [XLS ] Pineapple Carrot
Muffins [XLS ]


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