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Authorized Use of the Celebrate Your Plate logo
January 21, 2018
The Celebrate Your Plate Branding Subcommittee

All Family and Consumer Sciences personnel,

The Celebrate Your Plate logo is available for use by all Ohio State University Extension Family and Consumer Sciences personnel.

We encourage the use of the logo on educational or informational materials such as flyers, posters, websites, blogs, etc. but in order to maintain professionalism it is CRITICAL that the CYP brand guidelines are followed. Specific rules on the use of the logo can be found on pages 15-22 in the Celebrate Your Plate brand guidelines document. In order to use the logo, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Use only the high-resolution JPEG file: CELEBRATEYOURPLATE_LOGO_4C_vFIN.jpg
  1. Use this link (https://osu.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eL1DGNRBGJG8EGp) to upload a copy or picture of your proposed use of the logo for review by the Celebrate Your Plate Branding Subcommittee
  • This could be the actual document of a flyer or poster or a screenshot of a blog or website
  • Allow 3-5 business days for approval.
  1. Do NOT publish or distribute your proposed project until you receive written verification that your project has been approved by the Celebrate Your Plate Branding Subcommittee. Richard Wofford, wofford.1@osu.edu, and CFAES Branding will need to review it if you want to use a university logo.
  2. If you intend to use the Celebrate Your Plate logo in addition to the university logo, it needs to be sent to Richard Wofford at wofford.1@osu.edu, for review by CFAES Branding.

Facebook: How to submit posts for the Celebrate Your Plate campaign.

If you have questions, contact Beth Hustead at hustead.7@osu.edu or 614-688-2523. CelebrateYourPlate.org

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