Connect and Collaborate Grants FAQ

Connect and Collaborate Grants Program FAQ


As an OSU Extension employee, should I apply for these grants?

YES, Extension employees and teams are STRONGLY encouraged to apply for the grants! OSU Extension is a partner in funding these proposals and our investment will be devoted to projects that involve OSU Extension employees as PI’s and key team members. Our funding will support projects directly related to the OSU Extension impact areas. You are encouraged to partner with those who bring the expertise needed to achieve your grant goals. This should include campus and field based colleagues such as county educators, state/field specialists, community members and campus based faculty.

What types of projects can be funded?

As stated in the RFP, these funds will support proposals for 1) program planning, 2) program implementation or 3) program expansion. This could include the initial planning and development of a program to address an emerging community need. It may include developing and implementing a new program. Or, it could involve taking a program that has been piloted in one or two counties and expanding it to a broader region or statewide. The funds could be used for any phase of Extension programming development, implementation and expansion. A “program” is a set of planned activities that integrate scholarship, education and community based interactions in a systematic way to achieve identified outcomes that impact a challenge/opportunity facing society.

Who in Extension needs to approve my application before I submit it?

We encourage you to discuss your plan with the assistant director for your program area and your direct supervisor. State specialists should discuss the plan with the assistant director and their department chair.

When submitting the proposal, I am asked to check the priority areas to which our project applies and the grant track for which we are applying. Are we limited in what we can check?

No, you are not limited. You may need support through a planning grant to begin working in an area that may have international, state-wide and/or Central Ohio implications. Another team may have a successful program they have implemented in a county that they want to expand to a region or statewide. It is important that you check the priority areas that are appropriate for your particular concept.

Can you clarify who should be a part of an Extension team?

Your team MUST involve campus and field based colleagues. As an example, your team may include state specialists, field specialists and county based educators. The principle investigator (PI) needs to be a faculty/staff member who has PI status. You do not need to be serving as a PI on an active grant, but you must be approved to have PI status.

I have a concept idea, but I have not been able to put the team and all the concepts together yet. Should I apply this round?

It depends. If you are committed to the project and have developed relationships to be able to begin to form the team needed to implement the project, you may be ready to apply. If not, maybe your time would be best spent working on the concept these next few months and then applying for the next round of grants. As shared in the call for concept proposals, we ask for a two page proposal that will be reviewed. Concepts will then be selected to move onto a next phase of development.