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Video Backdrops for Online Presentations

Zoom presentation backdrops (PNG). Click image to view larger size. Right-click name to download image. To add the image as your background:

  1. Sign in to Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Virtual Background. ... 
  4. Click on an image to select the desired virtual background or add your own image by clicking +Add Image. ... 
  5. To disable Virtual Background, choose the option None.

Buckeye Leaf and script OhioOhio 1920x1080

US Flag
Flag 1920x1080
You Are What You Eat
Food 1920x1080
Background Style 1
Background 1
Background Style 2Background 2 Background Style 3Background 3
Background Style 4Background 4 Background Style 5Background 5 Background Style 6Background 6
Background Style 7Background 7 Background Style 5Background 8 FCS Style 5Background 9
Black 1080p background
Background 10
Zoom background buckeyes
Background 11
Zoom gray Buckeyes
Background 12
Zoom background Buckeye leaves
Background 13
Zoom background white mini leaves
Background 14
Zoom background gray mini leaves
Background 15

Zoom background black Extension logoBackground 16
1280 x 720

Zoom background black Extension logoBackground 17
1920 x 1080

Background image sampleBackground 18
Extension logo

General Resources

  • For Peer Review Process:
    • Current instructions on Extension Administrative Policies webpage
    • FCS Peer Review Author Manual  [PDF ]
    • Questions? Contact
  • FCS Listserves [DOC ]
  • FCS Presentation Opportunities [PDF ]
  • FCS Healthy Finances Program Menu 2019 [PDF]
  • FCS Healthy Finances Youth Financial Literacy Programs 2019 [PDF]


  • FCS Educator Directory 2021 [PDF]
  • FCS Administration Directory 2021 [PDF]


Educator Resources

  • Educator Listing [XLS ]

Evaluation Tools

  • Healthy Weight Management Evaluation Tool [PDF ]
  • Healthy Finance Programs Evaluation
    • Evaluation with EEET included [PDF ]
    • Cover Page [PDF ]
    • Directions [DOC ]
  • Reminder: Any evaluation with a EEET included must be sent to PDE first. They will then forward it to the FCS state office to be entered, if applicable.

Operations Page

This web site details what happens throughout the performance management process, from performance planning to the actual performance review. Click here for the performance management page.

This page is part of the Extension Human Resources system and defines what should happen when for EFNEP program assistant performance reviews. There are also links within the page that direct you to various forms or instructions if you need those along the way.

Position Descriptions, for Use in Hiring and Performance Reviews

These position descriptions are to be used when hiring and for the performance review process. All are for EFNEP and only EFNEP positions.

  • Office Assistant [PDF ]
  • Program Assistant, Adult Audiences [PDF ]
  • Program Assistant, Adult Audiences, Bilingual [PDF ]
  • Program Assistant, Youth Audiences [PDF ]

Evaluation of Effective Extension Teaching (EEET)

Need to download your EEET form? Remember, at least two of your teachings must be evaluated using this format. Program assistants should use the Low Literacy form, which is listed as "Group - Form III," about ¾ of the way down the page. Don't forget to print your cover sheet (at the top of the page) as well! Also note that when you do a EEET, someone other than the instructor needs to distribute, collect, and then mail the forms. Instructions for mailing are on the cover sheet. Click here to find the forms you need.

FCS Blogs

Planning Healthy Meals for Meetings

  • Healthy Eating at Meetings [PPT ]
  • OSU Extension Healthy Eating at Meetings Guidelines [PDF ]
  • OSU Extension Healthy Eating at Meetings Materials [PDF ]
  • Meeting Well - A Tool for Planning Healthy Meetings and Events [PDF ]