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Master Money Mentor

Master Money Mentor

The Master Money Mentor (MMM) program enables OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Educators and Program Assistants to train others working with people facing financial challenges. These "others" may be professionals (such as social workers, faith based leaders, home ownership program staff, or human resources employees) or Extension volunteers.  The MMM program is designed to provide relevant, meaningful information to help families making daily and long-term financial decisions. The ultimate goal is to strengthen communities with a positive economic impact. Follow this link to read an excellent research article that discusses the benefits of financial coaching:
Financial Coaching: A New Approach for Asset Building? [PDF ]

MMM is not a curriculum but a resource. The information on the web site and the CD was designed to help you tailor a program appropriate to your local needs. There are two different approaches for using the MMM Training Manual materials (bulleted below). Browse each approach for materials and activities to use at any money management program or as part of an exhibit.

MMM training for other professionals

(e.g., volunteers from agencies, organizations, work sites, or faith based organizations) who will use this information with their clientele.

MMM Overview Materials for Working with Professionals

For information to help you design a training for professionals who will use this information with their clientele.


Program Overview and Training Resources

Most of these are samples that you will need to customize for your local needs.

MMM Program Overview

To provide CEUs from the OSU College of Social Work

This is the internal link to submit documentation for CEU consideration and approval. The wording is geared more for persons interested in presenting for the College but they are always looking for new topics and persons. Complete this form [DOC ], detailed instructions are provided on it.


The MMM Training Manual includes an Ohio State University Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved evaluation on pages 136 and 137. This evaluation measures the impact of the MMM program on the participants who work with those professionals you have traineded. Please ask the professionals you train to track data for six months following the training. The data will be collected via the form throughout the six months and submitted six months following training.


Hands-on Activities

MMM Extension volunteer program tools 

to recruit, train, and coordinate MMM volunteers who then work one-on-one with participants who enroll in your program.

MMM  Extension Volunteer Program Tools

To implement an MMM Extension volunteer program or for more information about using the MMM training manual to train volunteers who are matched by OSU Extension with clientele in the community, contact:

  • Marcia Brueck, Extension Information Associate, FCS, Wayne Co.: or 330-264-8722


MMM Volunteer Overview Materials

Volunteer Recruitment and Training Tools (most are samples)

Volunteer Program Overview

Program Management



Hands-on Activities


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