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Homebuyers Education

Homebuyers Education

The Healthy Finances Team of Ohio State University Extension has adopted the national industry standards for homebuyer education to provide a more standard course for homebuyer education. Follow the link to read more about the National Industry Standards for Homebuyer Education.

Do I Need "Certification" to Provide Homebuyer Education?

If you are an Extension Educator, you do not need additional certification to provide this programming, unless it is required by a third party person providing funding (cost recovery) to your office. You are "qualified" to provide the programming because of your coursework in financial education. USDA Rural Development and Extension on the National level have agreed that Extension Educators are well qualified to provide this type of education. Certification through an additional course or program is always possible, but is not mandatory.

Curriculum for your Homebuyer Education Participants

Sample Intake Forms and Handouts

Talk About Money [DOC ] and Tell Us About Money Profile [DOC ] - An intake form helps in identifying information that can be overlooked in an interview. The Pathways to Money 2000+ program intake forms are good to use.  
Handouts [PDF ] - Amortization table and spending plan worksheet in pdf
Spending plan worksheet [XLS ] - in workable excel format

Sample Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion is required for lenders to process an application. Yours should include whether it was a 2 or 8 hour course, your name, the name of the participant, our logo and date of the completion of the course. Keep this on file indefinitely. [DOC ]

Sample Database to Track Participants

[XLS ] - Here is a sample database to track the participants of your program and their success. There are many ways to do this, and this is just a sample.

PowerPoint Slides for Use by County Educators

and date of thePowerPoint slides are below for use by county educators as you learn and work with clients in homeownership education. Note that the slides are marked with the corresponding page in the Homebuyer's Guide. It is our intention for all participants to have a personal copy of the Guide as their text as they work with you, their teacher! We have intentionally left a blank slide at the end of each cahpter for your own notes, explanations, or additional slides that will help you.

Please do not share this set of slides with groups outside of OSU Extension. Thanks!

Chapter 1 - Owning a Home [PPT ]
Chapter 2 - Money for Housing [PPT ]
Chapter 3 - Finding a Home and Making an Offer [PPT ]
Chapter 4 - Selecting a Mortgage [PPT ]
Chapter 5 - Closing the Deal [PPT ]
Chapter 6 - Success as a Homeowner [PPT ]


Complete your work with the use of the financial evaluation, found under Healthy Finances Program Evaluation Tools.

Submit forms as is suggested at this website.


Have questions or suggestions about Ohio State University Extension’s work with homebuyer education?
Contact Pat Bebo,, for more information.