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Occasional Quantity Cooks

Occasional Quantity Cooks

Food Preparation Policy and Procedures [DOC ] [PDF ]

Occasional Quantity Cooks Volunteer Training-Directions [PDF ]

OQC Pre-test [DOC ]

OQC Pre-test Club [DOC ]

OQC Post-test [DOC ]

OQC Post-test Club [DOC ]

OQC Sign in Sheet [DOC ]

Revised OQC Powerpoint Slides and Posters

Lesson 1 - Background [PPT]

Lesson 2 - Personal Hygiene [PPT]

Lesson 3 - Time and Temperature [PPT]

Lesson 4 - Cleaning and Sanitizing [PPT]

Lesson 5 - Cross-Contamination [PPT]

Lesson 6 - Special Considerations [PPT]

Lesson 7 - Event Management [PPT]

Be Food Safe Poster [PDF]

Prevent Cross-Contact Poster [PDF]

Safe Internal Temperature Chart Poster [PDF]

FNS Tools to Support Safe Summer Meals can be found here!