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Healthy Teams Professional Development Awards

Healthy People, Healthy Finances and Healthy Relationships Professional Development Awards


The Healthy People, Healthy Finances, and Healthy Relationships Professional Development Awards are annual, cash awards of up to $750 each.  These three (3) awards are available to help support the professional development and/or program development pursuits of OSU Extension FCS professionals and/or recognize FCS professional’s work in these areas.  Funding is provided from the interest income generated by the Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Development Fund (# 603274).  The Healthy People award is named in memory of Mary E. King, FCS Educator, Crawford County who specialized in community nutrition education.


All FCS Program (FCS, EFNEP, SNAP-Ed) Extension professionals are eligible to apply regardless of length of service or position; however the proposed professional development activity must be in alignment with the focus and content of the ‘healthy’ area in which the application is submitted, and at least one OSU Extension Impact Area. Applicants who received support the previous fiscal year are not eligible to apply during the current fiscal year. Past Recipients: [2018] Lorrissa Dunfee, Melinda Hill and Whitney Gherman, [2022] Kaitlyn Felger, Amy Meehan, Jessica Lowe, Laura Stanton.

Application Process

Applicants must indicate how they will use this financial support for professional development and/or program/curriculum development, evaluation seed dollars and include estimated budget details. Applicants must be specific in their budget request to receive full consideration.  An anonymous committee appointed by the FCS Assistant Director reviews the applications and makes the award selection.

Briefly address each of the following items in two (2) typed pages or less (12 point standard font, 1” margins):

  1. Describe your proposed professional development activity.  Explain how your request is in alignment with the focus and content of the ‘healthy’ area in which your application is being submitted (People, Finances, Relationships), and how it would align with at least one OSU Extension Impact area.
  2. How will it help you achieve your future professional goals?
  3. How will you incorporate the subject matter learned from the activity into your future programming efforts?
  4. How will you share what you learn with others?

Be sure to include your name, title, and work location. You also must include a statement of support from your immediate supervisor (can be an email).

Application Deadline

Email your complete award application to by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6, 2024. This is a firm deadline.