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Wednesday, October 24, 2018


11:30-12:40 Registration

12:40-1:00 Welcome/Opening Remarks – Roger Rennekamp (Deshler I and Wallick I)

1:00-4:00 Biometric health screenings / flu shots (St. Charles III)

SNAP-Ed personnel (Deshler I)

1:00-3:00 Fad Diets, Amy Habig and Amy Hollar

3:00-3:10 Break

3:10-4:10 SNAP-Ed BCOP (Building Capacity for Obesity Prevention)

4:10-4:40 Working with Master Gardener Volunteers to Maximize Your Impact

4:40-4:50 SNAP-Ed Updates, Ana Claudia Zubieta

4:50-5:00 Navigating for Success Recognition

5:00 Adjourn • Dinner on your own

FCS personnel

1:00-1:45 Round Tables with promotion and tenure, county stewardship model updates, county needs assessments (Wallick I)

1:45-1:50 Transition break


  • Healthy Finances Meeting (St. Charles I)
  • Hands-on VITA help (St Charles II)

2:50-3:00 Transition break


  • Healthy Relationships Meeting (St Charles I)
  • Hands-on VITA help (St Charles II)


  • Healthy People Meeting (St Charles I)
  • Hands-on VITA help (St Charles II)

5:00 Adjourn • Dinner on your own

Thursday, October 25, 2018


7:30-8:30 Breakfast in the Upper Atrium

8:30-8:40 Welcome – Pat Bebo (Deshler I and Wallick I)

8:40-8:45 Key Values in Extension Award Presentation, CFAES Staff Advisory Council (Deshler I and Wallick I)

8:45-9:45 Keynote – Thomas Quade (Deshler I and Wallick I)


  • Portrait appointments (Deshler I)
  • Biometric health screenings / flu shots (St. Charles III)

9:45-10:45 Poster Session (Upper Atrium)

10:45-11:30 Breakout Session 1 -

  • Changing the Landscape of Healthy Food Choices (Wallick I)
  • Connecting the Community to Extension via Sharing Gardens (Deshler I)
  • Strategic Doing (St Charles I)
  • Improving Coalition Work Within Extension (St. Charles II)

11:30-12:45 Lunch (Deshler I and Wallick I)

12:45-12:50 Transition Break

12:50-1:35 Breakout Session 2 -

  • Farmer’s Market Kids Club (Wallick I)
  • How Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) Impacts the Work of Extension (St Charles I)
  • Community Coaching: Strengthening your Skills to Guide Community Change (Deshler I)
  • Social Marketing as a Strategy for Building Well-Connected Communities (St. Charles II)

1:35-1:40 Transition break


Breakout Session 3 -

  • Creating Inclusive Programs for People with All Abilities (Wallick I)
  • Master Money Mentor Updates (St Charles I)
  • Community Communications 101: Developing your Cultural I.Q. (Deshler I)
  • Supporting Families in Divorce and Separation (St. Charles II)

2:25-2:30 Transition break

2:30-3:15 Breakout Session 4 -

  • Serving up Change: A Food Ethics Workshop (Wallick I)
  • PhysBot Personal Fitness Craze (St Charles I)
  • Engage for Impact (Deshler I)
  • The ins and outs of Fermented Vegetables: How to Ferment Safely and Why it Matters (St. Charles II)

3:15-3:20 Transition break

3:20-3:30 Closing Mindfulness Activity (Deshler I and Wallick I)

3:30 Adjourn and safe travels home!