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EFNEP Program

EFNEP is free to the participants and agencies. This program is offered as a series of nine lessons in a curriculum designed to teach families with children about USDA dietary recommendations using an interactive approach. Each lesson contains research-based nutrition information, stretching food dollars, physical activity, parent tips, and preparation of healthy recipes. Participants also receive educational enhancements such as recipes and resources in addition to their classes. Enhancements are given at the end of each series to promote healthy behavior change.

What are the benefits?
It costs less than $210 in grant dollars to reach one EFNEP family with 3 to 6 months of intensive, practical nutrition education classes. Preliminary results of a Cost Benefit Analysis in Virginia show that for every $1 spent on EFNEP, there is a potential health care savings of $2 to $17 due to the prevention or delayed onset of nutrition-related chronic diseases and conditions among participants. Thus this is a proven program that clearly works for the benefit of families and the nation.

When are the classes offered?
There are both fixed and flexibly scheduled classes available in the communities. Participants or agencies can organize their own classes with clients, family members and friends. The OSU program assistant provides the workshops, educational enhancement, materials and food tastings. 

*COVID Disclaimer – Ensuring the safety of EFNEP staff and participants is top priority. In accordance with federal and state policy, Ohio EFNEP will continue to follow necessary guidelines for COVID-19. Modifications to classes will be applied to all programming in aligned with Ohio State policy and guidelines for COVID-19.

Who qualifies to be a participant?


  1. Anyone who is responsible for the care of children qualifies for this nutrition program, such as grandparents, day care providers, parents or other extended family members.
  2. Meet the income guidelines of up to 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.


  1. Youth with 50% or more free and reduce lunch status qualify for EFNEP. Potential partners include schools, afterschool, summer food service sites, camps, churches and youth groups.
  2. Any family with an income of 185% of the 2020 annual poverty level as shown in the table below is eligible for EFNEP’s free nutrition program: 

Poverty guideline table for both Monthly and Annual Income

Family Size

185% of Poverty Level Annually

185% of Poverty Level Monthly

(expectant parent)
























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