1. Great Lakes Apple Crunch

    Sep 14, 2018

    Celebrate National Farm to School Month by crunching into locally and regionally grown apples at NOON on October 11. Everyone is welcome to crunch!

    Although the aim for a collective crunch is on October 11, groups are welcome to crunch any day or time in October that works for them and post photos to social media. Visit the Apple Crunch Facebook page to get updates and see photos from last year’s crunch. Help Ohio beat its crunch record!

    Date: Thursday, October 11, 2018 Location: Any site including K-12 schools, early care settings, hospitals, colleges/universities, business campuses, state agencies and other organizations across Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

    For question or more information, contact Carol Smather (smathers.14@osu.edu) or Amy Fovargue (fovargue.1@osu.edu).

  2. "Dine In” With Us! OSU Extension Family Meal

    Aug 7, 2018

    Ohio State University Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Dine In Day, December 3, is a day to set aside and share a nutritious meal with family, friends, and colleagues and have good conversation. Dining In at home together really does make a difference in the lives of our families – biological or otherwise. Sharing a meal is so fundamental to the human experience that sometimes we take this simple task for granted. Dining In at home together decreases our families’ chance of being overweight or obese. It improves our families’ relationships. We save money and eat healthier when Dining In.

    To make the pledge to Dine In with your family on December 3, go to aafcs.org/fcsday/commit-to-dining-in/fcs-day-sign-up and make your commitment today. The site has great “Dining In” promotional resources, logo merchandise and articles available. Visit: aafcs.org/fcsday/home.

  3. Lake County Extension Grant

    Aug 7, 2018

    Ohio State University Extension Lake County received funding from the Cardinal Health Foundation’s Generation Rx Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention Education for Youth grant program. “This grant will support our efforts to train dedicated school and extra-curricular youth leaders in the Health and Opiate-Abuse Prevention Education (HOPE) curriculum and building youth protective factors as a prevention effort in medication and opiate misuse that often leads to heroin use,” said Sandra Allison, OSU Extension educator. Read more...