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Live Smart Ohio is a dynamic educational group that partners with individuals, families, communities, business and industry, and organizations to strengthen lives. The team of Family and Consumer Sciences' professionals focus their blog on building Healthy People, Healthy Finances and Healthy Relationships.
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The Ohio Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program serves limited resource adults who care for children in their homes as well as limited-income youth. The program utilizes interactive discussions and activities to guide participants through a series of community based workshops aimed at improving diet quality, food safety and physical activity.
Family and Consumer Sciences
Family and Consumer Sciences empowers Ohioans to improve their finances, build more positive relationships and embrace healthier lifestyles.
FCS Healthy Programs
Family and Consumer Sciences provides a wide range of programs aimed at supporting and improving life across the full-range of Ohio's rural and urban communities. OSU Extension FCS programs help Ohioans address a range of issues from building stronger families and improving nutrition and food safety to managing family budgets and financial resources.
Ohio Supplemental Nutrition Education Program - Education is a nutrition education program serving low-income adults and youth throughout Ohio. It is a partnership between the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and Ohio State University Extension.

Family and Consumer Sciences


  1. LOOK to Ohio achieves Signature Program Status

    Sep 3, 2017

    LOOK to Ohio achieves Signature Program Status

    Employers desire evidence of leadership skills and experiences in potential employees. High school students in Ohio are getting a jump-start through their participation in LOOK to Ohio. LOOK stands for Leadership Opportunities for Organizational Knowledge and is an innovative teen leadership program that incorporates three main components; monthly place-based education classes, a blended learning leadership course and service learning projects.

    Participants engage in place-based education through monthly face-to-face classes held at businesses and organizations throughout a particular county. Teens interface with business and community leaders to learn about topics and careers relevant to that day’s theme. The program is led by Margaret Jenkins, Gigi Neal and Kelly Royalty, Clermont County Extension Educators. For more information, contact Jenkins at jenkins.188@osu.edu

  2. NELD Applications Being Accepted

    Jul 20, 2017

    Enthusiastic about Extension work? Interested in developing your ability to lead Extension into the future? If your vision of your future includes building your career with Extension, then the NELD North Central leadership experience may be just the opportunity you need! Interested educators, program staff and specialists can apply by responding in 300 words or less to the question: “Why I am an ideal candidate for NELD North Central in 2018”

    To be considered for the 2018 class, send your answer to the question above to davis.1081@osu.edu by August 7. You can learn more about the program at neld.extension.umn.edu and direct questions to any OSUE regional director or assistant director.

  3. Grand Health Challenge

    Jun 30, 2017

    Congratulations to Barb Hennard, Auglaize and Mercer Counties Extension educator, who has championed the Grand Health Challenge for the last four years. The Grand Health Challenge is a weight loss challenge where teams from 2 to 7 members are encouraged to adapt a healthier lifestyle. The 2017 challenge ran from January through May with 138 teams comprised of 539 participants (largest ever). Monthly meetings and weekly emails motivate participants as well as educate them. To be eligible for prizes, participants must attend monthly weigh-ins. For this year, the overall combined weight loss was 3,409.1 pounds. Over the 11 years of the challenge, 4,008 people have participated and lost more than 39,000 pounds.