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Gardening and raising your own food has never been more popular! But knowing how to harvest and make vegetables taste good is another story!
Celebrate Home Ownership Month with OSU Extension and the USDA!  June brings a spotlight on homeownership in Ohio. Extension Family and Consumer Sciences offers workshops to prepare new and repeat homebuyers to get the best deal and work most effectively with all the professionals involved....
While most people have a mental image of research that involves scientists in lab coats, bubbling test tubes and beakers, and technical language that can seem complex, much of the groundbreaking research conducted by USDA scientists actually ends up on your plate, in your home, or on your back....
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 20, 2014 Contact person: Betsy DeMatteo Phone Number: (513) 946-8994 OHIO SAVES IS JOINING WITH COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AS PART OF AMERICA SAVES WEEK Promoting automatic sa vings to help people readch their savings goals. As part of Ohio Saves Week 2014, scheduled for...