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Gardening and raising your own food has never been more popular! But knowing how to harvest and make vegetables taste good is another story!
While most people have a mental image of research that involves scientists in lab coats, bubbling test tubes and beakers, and technical language that can seem complex, much of the groundbreaking research conducted by USDA scientists actually ends up on your plate, in your home, or on your back....
Ohio Saves is joing with county commissions as part of America Saves Week by promoting automatic savings to help people reach their savings goals. As part of Ohio Saves Week 2015, scheduled for February 23-28, Ohio Saves is spreading the saving message, and urging its network to particpate in Ohio...
According to US Department of Agriculture Economist Ricky Volpe, it will cost more at the grocery store this year, but not a whole lot more. We can generally expect the increases to be just under three percent. A wild card influence on food prices in 2014 will be if wholesalers and retailers decide...